The Inertech Difference

Dynamic Infrastructure for
Dynamic Demands

Unlike standard methods of blowing cold air into the server room, Inertech’s patented and award winning system revolutionizes how heat is treated and removed in data centers. This transformative technology means you get unprecedented flexibility, reliability, and cost savings at any load, in any climate.

The Edison Award Winning Inertech System

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  • 30kW nominal cooling
  • Flexible densities
  • No airflow management
  • No water in the data hall
  • 2N rack cooling
  • Uses 0.5 kW to cool 350 kW
  • 50% less flow required than a CRAH unit
  • 80% savings in space compared to standard systems
  • 4 Pipe (2N design)
  • High performance bray valves
  • Flanged connections for easy installation
  • ANSI B 31.5 X-ray Certified
  • UPTIME Tier III+ Certified
  • Seismic Rated
  • 500 kW of heat rejection
  • Free or Partial Free cooling year round
  • Up to 80% savings on energy
  • Up to 40% reduction in electrical infrastructure
  • Up to 85% less water than traditional systems

Better technology. More savings.

Energy demands increase every day, and electrical infrastructure continues to be the single highest capital investment needed for data center operations. That means you need a solution that not only lowers costs but is sustainable. The Inertech system provides a 40% reduction in electrical infrastructure, with a peak mPUE of 1.075-1.16, for significant capital avoidance. This large capital avoidance is coupled with both CapEx deferment and OpEx savings. CapEx deferment comes from right-sized, just-in-time deployment. No matter what your future needs may be the Inertech solution allows you to buy what you need when you need it, and not over-provision for what you may need in the future. OpEx savings come from the dramatic reductions in energy, water, and maintenance.

A Sustainable Future

Data Centers are increasingly becoming a large burden on the environment. Cooling currently utilizes 40% of the world’s water and an ever-increasing amount of its power. The founders of Inertech saw the problem: cooling in data centers is a significant waste of power, and an average unit of compute uses 9 gallons of water per hour. So they came up with a sustainable solution – Inertech’s patented Heat Removal System. A breakthrough innovation cooling solution that delivers exceptional efficiency at any load in any climate and is dynamically responsive to today’s IT demands with an annualized PUE of 1.03–1.08 and a WUE of 0.4-0.6. Less use of energy, water, and resources – we call that sustainable.

Simple Reliability

When we say reliable, we mean reliability in any climate for any load.  We’ve eliminated the complexity of most valves, switches, compressors and chiller plant components that typically cause data centers to fail. Our system requires minimal scheduled maintenance and is continually monitored with real-time data to provide our service department preventative maintenance alerts. We analyze historical and real-time trends to improve our systems and reach even greater efficiencies and higher reliability.


Your servers grow when you do. From small to Tier IV designed data centers you can deploy what you need, where you need it, when you need it – and reconfigure as your needs change. We create pre-fabricated components – allowing for easy, fast and efficient deployment, supporting dynamic densities between 1-50 kW per rack.


IT loads can vary. The Inertech system quickly and easily responds to the shifting data tide and optimizes in real time. Because our eSYNC’s are close coupled with the racks, the heat removal system can ramp up and down based on server load. Variable speed fans and variable frequency drive pumps respond in real time to changing loads. Now you can meet the variable demands of your customers today and well into the future.