Success Stories

Success Stories

Every size organization has its challenges. We have worked with some of the largest and most innovative companies to address their complex electrical and mechanical challenges. Our solutions have been proven to be the most efficient, reliable and flexible deployments for technology, telecom, financial, and federal government.

Aligned Data Centers

2 Sites
92 MW at Full-Build
1.06 mPUE
1.15 Peak PUE

Inertech enables responsive IT at Aligned Data Centers’ two colocation facilities in Texas and Arizona. Customers get a guaranteed peak PUE of 1.15, resulting in significant cost savings. And pricing is consumption based, resulting in significant CapEx deferment.


We provided TELUS, the second largest telecommunications company in Canada, a fully modular data center solution built in our factory and shipped pre-fabricated to their three sites. TELUS received the largest utility rebate by Quebec Hydro based on the high efficiencies gained from our systems.

3 Sites
6 MW
1.04 mPUE
1.07 Peak PUE


Lenovo, a global PC company, needed to expand and repurpose a series of labs to accommodate their multi-billion-dollar acquisition of IBM x86 servers. To support this initiative, we deployed 12 labs in Raleigh, NC and transformed an office building in Santa Clara, CA to support Lenovo’s high-density testing needs.

2 Sites
3.5 MW
1.05/1.02 mPUE
1.10 Peak PUE