System Overview

Our award winning, patented cooling technology is the most efficient cooling solution in the data center market. Rather than pushing cold air into the data center, Inertech follows the laws of physics and removes the heat. The close coupled system absorbs heat at its source, allowing hot air to rise and cooler, denser air to settle where it is needed. This innovative approach means you get unprecedented flexibility, reliability, and cost savings at any load, in any climate.

Heat Removal


Utilizing the buoyance of hot air and efficient coil technology, heat gets absorbed. The result - fan power reduction to 1% of IT load vs. 10% for a typical CRAH unit. This provides great benefit to both the transporting and rejection of heat.


The eSYNC® absorption unit is designed for use with Inertech’s eOPTI-TRAX® Cooling Distribution Unit. Removing heat at the source, eSYNC® technology draws hot air up from the rack and channels it through a pair of fully redundant refrigerant coils. The eSYNC® design accommodates both new data centers and can retrofit facilities, improving the efficiency of existing infrastructure.


The heat is transported to the CACTUS unit where it is rejected to the atmosphere. The result - Inertech's eOPTI-TRAX® is able to reduce the water flow requirements by 50%. Less water means less piping and pumping, resulting in a 75% reduction in piping costs.


Designed for quick and incremental deployment, the Inertech eOPTI-TRAX® CDU scales with your IT needs. The angled connections between the pipe cages and CDUs makes the equipment easy to snap into place. The 50% reduction in water flow allows for reduced pipe sizes and pumping which means less infrastructure, less complexity, and less CapEx.

Heat Rejection


Where standard chiller plants require significant operational oversight to move from free to mechanical cooling modes, the CACTUS® seamlessly transitions as the atmosphere requires. The result: Even on the hottest day of the year the system offers a peak mPUE of 1.15 (up to 40% less than any other cooling system). This means year round free or partial free cooling.


Compared to standard systems, the CACTUS® saves up to 80% in power and up to 85% in water. It’s an air-cooled adiabatic cooling system comprised of two major components: a dry fluid cooler with an indirect evaporative cooling mode, and a Chiller Heat Rejection System. It is designed to run seamlessly in full free cooling when entering air is below 55°F and partial free cooling when entering air is from 55°F to 80°F providing year-round savings of power and water for your facility.